A Former CIA Operative is Running RFK Jr.’s Presidential Campaign Because That’s Totally Normal

U. J. Alexander / shutterstock.com
U. J. Alexander / shutterstock.com

The Deep State is willing to do just about anything to keep President Donald J. Trump from retaking the White House in 2024. Now that Trump has solidified his lead over the primary field, it’s all but certain that his juggernaut comeback campaign is going to steamroll the frail, elderly, and incompetent Joe Biden campaign next year. Stopping Trump is the entire reason why the Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. run for president is happening. He doesn’t really plan to be president. RFK Jr.’s plan is to do what the “six-ways-from-Sunday” Russia hoaxers tell him to do.

If you doubt this, consider the fact that a “former” CIA operative has now taken over RFK’s campaign right as he announces that he’s running as an independent. Kathleen Fox Kennedy—RFK’s daughter-in-law—has now taken over campaign operations.

It all makes sense when you consider the scattershot, seemingly schizophrenic policy positions that the “independent” RFK is now taking. The purpose of his campaign is to siphon votes away from Donald J. Trump. This could backfire in the end, but that is the purpose, whether we like it or not.

RFK, Jr.’s political positions are well-known by now. He’s 69 years old, and he’s been in the public eye his whole life. Why would this man suddenly start adopting brand-new political positions now that he’s running for president? The answer is in the details.

He has called the NRA a “terrorist organization” and called for all privately owned firearms to be confiscated by the government. That’s not a position that RFK, Jr. has ever deviated from—until now. Today, he is suddenly claiming, after decades of anti-gun advocacy, that he now respects the Second Amendment.

Does this new position hurt Joe Biden, who is unwavering in his support for gun confiscation, or Donald Trump, who respects the Second Amendment? If the strategy works, it hurts Donald Trump, obviously. It’s a position that will siphon votes away from him.

Donald Trump earned a record percentage of the black vote in 2020. Even the far-left Washington Post admits that Trump could set an even higher record next year by drawing 20% of the black vote. Black voters are shifting to Trump in record numbers because they now see the obvious differences between the Trump economy and “Bidenomics.”

Donald Trump gave them jobs and made their lives better. Joe Biden has raised the cost of everything and made everyone’s lives miserable. That’s not a hard choice for most people!

So, from out of nowhere this week, RFK Jr.’s CIA-run campaign decided to dangle a carrot that won’t hurt Joe Biden at all but which could possibly siphon black voters away from Trump. He now supports reparations suddenly. That’s such a radical, fringe position that the Democrats can’t even sell it to a majority of black voters in California. Joe Biden doesn’t even support reparations. It’s too far-left, even for him.

So, it’s clear that RFK’s campaign is fake and being run by the CIA to stop Donald Trump. The question is whether it will work or whether Trump’s base is loyal enough and smart enough not to fall for it. Most of us would crawl through broken glass to vote for Trump again at this point. As for the newer people who are finally warming to Trump, can they be lured away by the CIA’s offerings through their proxy candidate?

What do you think? Will Trump be hurt by RFK’s Deep State campaign? Or will it backfire on them?