39 Self-Loathing House Republicans Vote for Venezuela Amnesty

Most Americans were shocked when Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally testified in front of the House and responded, “I’m not familiar with that” in reference to Fusion GPS. How could the investigator who probed the Russian collusion hoax for almost two years pretend to be unfamiliar with Fusion GPS?

But when Republicans in Congress express the same level of “unfamiliarity” with the wishes of their own base, it no longer surprises anyone. It infuriates conservatives, but they’re no longer surprised when their elected Representatives and Senators stab them in the back.

It happened again in the House on July 25th, when 39 Republicans joined with Nancy Pelosi’s caucus to pass an amnesty invitation to the millions of starving Venezuelans fleeing the collapse of their socialist government.

The House passed yet another “temporary” amnesty for anyone from Venezuela who now travels to America. This is yet another scam on the American electorate in which we are supposed to feel sorry for a people in a poor country, welcome them into America on a “temporary” basis… and then they never leave. How do we know this? Because we’ve seen it all before.

When Honduras was hit by a hurricane in 1999, Congress passed a “temporary amnesty” for Hondurans who make their way to the US. Bill Clinton signed it into law, and 57,000 Hondurans took us up on the offer. Guess how many of them are still here, 20 years after the hurricane cleanup was completed?

None of them ever left. And when President Donald Trump’s administration noticed that the temporary amnesty recipients were still here and living on welfare, he attempted to put the “temporary” back into their temporary amnesty.

The immigration courts and the liberal media went nuts. How dare he try to send these temporary amnesty recipients back to their home countries? Doesn’t he realize they’re just here temporarily? They’ll go back when they feel like.

An estimated 4 million Venezuelans have now fled their socialist government, now that they’ve run out of zoo animals to eat. Despite having the fifth-largest oil reserves in the world, Venezuela’s currency is now hyper-inflating at a rate of approximately 10 million percent. This happened because the Venezuelan people voted for socialism

You can almost hear the Jeb! Bush logic that led to 39 Republicans in the House voting to make this the American taxpayers’ problem: “The Venezuelans have seen socialism first-hand, so they’ll be natural liberty-loving conservatives when they get here!” But that’s not true at all. None of the refugees fleeing Venezuela right now blame socialism for their plight. They blame Madura and the previous socialist dictator, Hugo Chavez. 

They think they just had the wrong people in charge. If only they had had Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in charge, they’d have done socialism right this time!

Meanwhile, the wishes of the American voters are still being completely ignored by the people in charge who are supposed to be representing us. Immigration remains the top issue of importance for American voters (key emphasis on Americans) in every available poll, and in every demographic. Not because the voters are concerned that illegal aliens won’t have enough X-Box controllers to go around in their cushy ICE detention centers – but because we’re drowning under the weight of 60 million or more foreigners who entered the country after the passage of Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act. 

The federal government is now settling 200,000 legal and illegal immigrants in American cities every year. Meanwhile, the construction industry running at full steam in the US is only capable of building 1,200 new housing units every month.

Republicans in Congress: “Don’t worry, I’m sure your overcrowded city will figure out someplace to cram 4 million new Venezuelans!”

It’s too bad that Venezuela’s government is collapsing in the exact same fashion as all other socialist governments in history have done. That’s not America’s problem. Out of all of the problems in America and the rest of the world, caring for Venezuela’s poor isn’t even at the bottom of the list of concerns of American voters. It’s not on the list at all! The voters are enraged that our country is being literally given away to the Third World by Congress.

But Republicans in the House are acting like Robert Mueller fumbling around in his infamous hearing. 

The American voters: “We don’t want more immigrants. Not from Venezuela. Not from anywhere!” 

Republicans in Congress: “Uh… uh… uh… I’m not familiar with that.”