30 New Zealanders Jabbed the Same Day in the Same Place Are Now Dead

A Kisel / shutterstock.com
A Kisel / shutterstock.com

New Zealand just went through a parliamentary election on October 14th, and former Prime Minister and COVID vaccine tyrant Jacinda Ardern’s party got trounced. One especially noteworthy thing about this election is that with Ardern’s party out of power, the new ruling party now has authority to release COVID vaccine data that was previously withheld from the public (New Zealand politics are weird).

Whistleblowers have revealed new data on vaccine injuries and deaths in New Zealand that were previously suppressed by Ardern’s party. Almost every person in New Zealand was forced to get a COVID shot, whether they wanted to try the experimental medicines or not. That data that has finally been released is incredibly damning.

Thousands of deaths resulted from the COVID shots in New Zealand, and harmful side effects likely numbers in the hundreds of thousands. In one instance, 30 people who received vaccines on the same day in the same clinic all ended up dying suddenly. New Zealand’s government knew that the shots were injuring or killing people, but they never took them off the market. They didn’t even warn people of the dangers of the shots they were forcing them to take.

The new ruling party in New Zealand is calling for a full criminal inquiry into just what happened with the COVID shots. They don’t want to have hearings or hold meetings and yell about what happened. They want the guilty parties to go to jail. If only Americans felt the same way about our own CDC and FDA regulators, who deceived the public in the exact same manner.

Here is one of the newly-elected Kiwis talking about these disturbing findings on COVID vaccine deaths and injuries, and calling for a criminal inquiry: