1.2 Million Illegals Are Relaxing in the US Despite Final Deportation Orders, Biden Won’t Make Them Go

pedrosala / shutterstock.com
pedrosala / shutterstock.com

For decades, illegal immigration has been a problem in the US. Unlike many other countries that put you to death or drop you in a hard labor prison camp, the US typically holds them, and then sends them home. While it just encourages them to try again in a different way, it also allows the cartels to be fed intel so they can get more people and drugs across safely.

Under President Biden, that has stopped. Instead, they are handed a GPS device, an appearance ticket, and set free. No way to check up on them or see where they ended up. Previously caught and released illegals have been given an immigration hearing, and millions have been ordered to be deported from the US.

To little surprise, many have refused to be deported. Instead, they will spread out across the US into different cities and small towns. It’s easy enough to find someone who will hire them under the table or give them a storeroom to sleep in. As of the end of FY 22, 1,216,721 illegals have been given their final deportation orders, and they have refused to leave, and 3,542,839 are pending a final order of deportation.

Numbers like this are a sharp increase over FY 21 where 1,189,452 had been given final deportation orders but refused to leave, and 2,496,404 had yet to be given theirs.

With this kind of increase, it becomes a question of how much will Biden gut the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). As it stands, there are already twice as many people who refused to leave as the entire population of Wyoming. Without a productive budget or a spending bill that allows them to improve their technology, they cannot follow up on leads, provide a spliff for those who pass along intel, or even help stem the tide of illegals coming into the country.

It’s as if Biden wants nothing more than to make the US into the home for illegals who claim they cannot return home, and who have given up on their country. While we certainly are a nation that was founded by immigrants, we are not one that was founded by fools who give up easily, or who believe in being walked all over.

The commonly known, but often forgotten part of history that liberals skip over is that we fought to keep the US free. We didn’t want English taxes, or them invading our land back in 1773, so why would we want a flood of illegals invading our land in 2022? It’s not the best and brightest here coming here illegally, and they aren’t coming here and embracing the US either. Instead, they pine for the good parts of their home countries and expect the American people to embrace the ways of their roots.

In stark contrast, ICE has 65,000 in custody who have been given their final orders and are just awaiting word to be transported. The majority of those on final orders are from Brazil, Columbia, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. These countries have not only refused to come to get their people but in many instances refused to take them back as many tried claiming they wanted asylum once caught. This puts the US in a precarious position as to what they can do with them.